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Merchant Services for Travel & Entertainment Businesses

Cruise Lines

Set sail with a merchant advocate specializing in cruise line payments.

Travel & Tour Agencies

Arranging perfect client getaways starts with expert payment processing.

Hotel & Lodging

A hotel and lodging account designed to deliver custom processing experiences.


Safe and efficient payment processing solutions for timeshare and travel clubs.

Why do travel businesses struggle to get the best rates on their merchant processing accounts?

Finding a merchant services provider that meets the needs of businesses within the travel and tourism industry can be difficult. Additionally, the credit card processing industry generally categorizes all travel entities as “high risk” due to a number of factors that are beyond the control of these businesses. Unfortunately, this can mean higher processing rates and less support.

Several factors can land travel businesses in the hard-to-place space.

Tendency toward high-dollar-amount transactions
Contingency sales where products and services are purchased far in advance of delivery
High rate of failure among travel businesses
Large portion of customer payments made without benefit of seeing the card

Unfortunately, a few bad actors have left reputable travel businesses searching for a merchant services provider that will not only board their accounts, but also keep their merchant account open so they can accept credit cards without fear of interruption.

Setting a new course

While most major banks prohibit their processors from boarding travel accounts, National Merchants Association’s relationship with Commercial Bank of California gives us the freedom to consider your travel business based on its own performance.

When evaluating your merchant services account application, our in-house underwriting and risk team considers:

  • Length of time in business
  • Credit score
  • Previous credit card processing history
  • Consistently positive bank statement balances
  • Whether your website accurately represents your business and includes privacy and refund policies
  • Proper business licensing and certification

Next stop: approving your merchant account

Once you’ve connected with NMA, the path to your own travel merchant account is fairly straightforward. We’ll ask you to complete an application and submit relevant documents, including a copy of your driver’s license, a voided business check and recent bank statements.

We’ll notify you within a few days if your business qualifies for a Merchant I.D. number or MID. Next, NMA will ship all the equipment your business needs to accept credit card payments over the phone or online. In addition, we will offer you our proprietary chargeback control solution.