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In-Store Payments

National Merchants Association has the tools your business needs to thrive. As a merchant services provider that Works For You®, it’s our aim to provide sound payment processing solutions, keep your rates low, and advocate for merchants everywhere.

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in-store payment processing

In-Store Payment Basics

Brick and mortar stores have the challenge of accepting multiple forms of payments. NMA is an experienced processor ready to handle the payment demands of every customer that walks through your doors.
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  • Keep your payment processing rates low
  • Provide you with the latest news in accepting payments
  • Continually advocate on behalf of merchants of all types



National Merchants Association is dedicated to providing our merchants with state-of-the-art POS and terminals including software that accepts payments of all types. Keep your customers happy while we keep your business safe and secure.

We keep you current:

  • Hardware that accepts multiple payment options
  • Software with full integration
  • Mobile and wireless platform capability


EMV cards


The recent shift to EMV cards that utilize a chip and pin system ultimately means that the liability for fraudulent transactions is solely on merchants, and those without compatible hardware will be in trouble.
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Together, NMA and EMV

  • Add layers of security
  • Reduce counterfeit payments and fraud
  • Provide faster payment processing



We provide processing for Electronic Benefit Transfer — an electronic system that includes various government assistance like state-issued food stamps, WIC, and TANF that is dispersed via a card.

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Check Services

Not all consumers pay with debit or credit cards. NMA provides secure check payment services, adding another level of convenience for your customers.

Gift Cards

Gift cards encourage loyalty and they drive repeat business while creating incentives for shoppers.

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NFC Payments

NMA’s payment solutions include processing for Near-Field Communications (NFC) payments like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal, Android Pay, Google Wallet, and others. NMA works to keep the costs associated with accepting these payments low.

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QuickBooks Integration

NMA provides its merchant partners with a fully-integrated QuickBooks solution that integrates credit card processing directly.

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Remote Deposit Capture

Remote deposit capture is becoming a popular way to deposit checks. National Merchants Association processes these remote deposits for less.

Prepaid Payroll Card

With a re-loadable and re-usable prepaid access card, employers can offer direct deposit to anyone without a bank account.