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What Our Merchant Partners Are Saying:

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Ricky Leigh | Owner, 1909 Temecula Pub & Grill

“My experience with NMA has been beyond better than any other merchant services provider – ­­there’s really no comparison. The rates are good and so is the service. Any issues have been handled quickly with personal attention and they are committed to doing things the right way.”

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Alice Sullivan | CEO of Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce

“We are a customer of National Merchants Association and we have been very pleased with their excellent customer service.”

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Graham Judge | Owner of Shamrock Irish Pub and Eatery

“Since we started our business in December 2012, NMA has been a valuable partner. We set up our merchant processing with them after they showed a considerable savings over what we would have been charged by another processor. Once we were up and running, we realized that we were badly in need of an updated POS system. Once again, we were able to rely on their expertise! They customized a system to work for us! Our business is steadily growing and we are thrilled to have such a reliable partner in that growth.”

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James Stewart | Owner, Stew's Barbershops

“The customer service has been very good. It always felt like with other processors, if I had a problem, I would have to contact a call center ­– it felt impersonal… no personal connection. With NMA, there’s always been someone to not only talk to me, but walk me through things. As far as pricing, other companies try to rip people off with lease agreements but not NMA.”

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Debra Flennaugh | Executive Assistant, SAFE

“National Merchants Association has been superb, and their customer service is great! We see a significant reduction in our merchant fees and the staff respond very quickly, they go above and beyond to help if I have questions! I feel confident that when I have an issue of any kind, I know I can pick up the phone and have someone answer who will do all they can to make my job easier!”

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Steve Lawyer | President at Shred-n-Go

“I switched to National Merchants Association in October of 2012, since then they have saved me money on our processing fees. They have also been fully available to answer any questions I had pertaining to my account. I am very happy with the switch and would highly recommend their service.”

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