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In-Store Basics

In-store payments differ from online payments in many ways. For starters, brick-and-mortar consumers generally have the freedom to pay for their goods and services using a variety of methods, compared to online consumers who are typically required to pay for products using either credit or debit cards only.

Customers who patronize physical storefronts can use different forms of payment if so equipped by the merchant. Aside from paying with cash as well as credit and debit cards, in-store payment methods can also include EMV (chip card technology), digital wallets with near field communication (NFC), even EBT and other government-assisted means of payment provided by merchants as a convenience to their customers.

What it means for you and your customers

What all of these different payment methods means is that merchants must use modern POS systems and payment terminals with the capabilities to handle each of them.

National Merchants Association is dedicated to providing our merchants with state-of-the-art POS and payment terminals, including updated software that accepts payments of all types. Keep your customers happy while we keep your business safe and secure!

Our payment solutions offer:

Up-to-date hardware that accepts multiple payment options
Software with full integration
Mobile and wireless platform capabilities