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Strategic Partners

So many ways to let NMA Work For You™


Advertisers are rooted in digital marketing and traffic for e-commerce websites, working with affiliate marketers, fulfillment houses, third-party customer service companies, and more. They know how to put the right people together for maximum output and exceptional results.

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Many banks, whether large institutions or small community banks, don’t have a merchant services department. So what happens when merchants that have accounts with those banks need merchant services? We work side-by-side with banks all across the country that place merchant accounts and provide expert guidance as well.

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Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are technology companies that produce a software product usually for a niche market. ISVs have a unique opportunity to reach new markets by including a payments component within their product offering. By partnering with NMA, ISVs enjoy the benefits of integrated payments expertise, data protection and security, and a more expansive target market.