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National Merchants Association is the only membership organization in the United States working on behalf of businesses to eliminate the unnecessary and unreasonable costs associated with accepting credit cards.

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Partner with NMA today and become a member of a growing international merchant support and advocacy program. It’s much more than simply processing credit cards; it’s about joining an organization dedicated to the ongoing education of merchants everywhere.

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NMA isn’t just a global payments processor; we’re also a membership organization that educates business owners about merchant service rules and regulations while reducing fees. We Work For You®!

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From Our Members

Read what our valued members are saying about NMA. We work hard for our members and we like to know when we’ve done well or when our attention is needed.

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Advocacy Programs

From policies at the local and national level, National Merchants Association is a prominent figure in the payments industry and is at the forefront of advocacy for all merchants.

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PCI Compliance Benefits

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requires merchants to be PCI compliant if they accept credit card payments. Compliance is required to store, process, and transmit cardholder data.

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Gain a partner in business development with your NMA membership. We Work For You® and provide a variety of benefits to control costs and accelerate profitable growth.

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